Im Elexis. Hi.


So, hey tumblr. I like ranting on here because I don’t really have a lot of people that know me on here & I don’t have a lot of followers.
But yeah, today sucked. I feel like I’m loosing all my friends. Like I’m not good enough to be a part of them anymore. I still have my boyfriend tho. He really keeps my spirits up. He’s so sweet & makes me feel so good about myself. I mean, I hate myself. Everything about me. But whenever I talk to him he says really sweet things & I smile. But about my friends, it seems like I’m the friend that if I’m not there, nobody will notice. Nobody’s gonna care. I don’t wanna tell any of them either because then they’ll just thing I’m asking for attention. Maybe I’ll be better off keeping things to myself. Maybe not. I don’t know. It’s whatever I guess. I’ll probably just end up being a nobody in highschool. I’ll be the weird red head who eats alone. fml. kms. I hate me. I love my boyfriend.

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Paris, France.
Couples write their names on “love locks” and locks them onto a bridge, then the key is thrown into the Seine River. This symbolizes undying love.

omg, i love it argh